Friday, August 24, 2007

Shhhhhh don't be nervous...

but we've received about 20 hits from people searching Google for "Hollywood erotic boutique Seattle"

Now far be it from me to judge, but seriously, why are you shopping at Hollywood Erotic Boutique? Try Toys in Babeland. Or even Castle.
The only reason I could think of for shopping at the Hollywood Erotic Boutique is to support local business; which I am all for- but come on! BLECH!

Ok SUCkers, don't look now, but there be as many as 20 perverts of the slinking-into-third-rate-Lake-City-porn-shop variety in here! Meep!

For my encounter with the HEB click here.


Drew said...

That's funny. If you say HEB down here in Texas, people are going to think of the Henry Edward Butts grocery stores. We don't have safeways down here, or QFC's. We have H-E-B and Kroger's, respectively. However, I do find the idea of being able to visit your local HEB to buy chicken breast, a head of lettuce, garbage bags, and a 12 inch black rubber cock somewhat intriguing.

qtilla said...

Interestingly enough I am also intrigued.

Hey, speaking of 12 inch black rubber cocks, when are you moving back?