Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good news!

The sky did not fall.

I did not turn into Tony Shalhoub, as I had initially feared.

In fact, all is well. It turned out that pie, Monday night TV, and knitting were the only things needed to perk me right up.

Now I can go straight back to my normal irrational fears of raccoons, squirrels, things with more than four legs, men wearing striped shirts and spiked hair who talk to me in bars, the government and its frustrating ineptitude, and becoming my mother.

And now for your viewing pleasure:
a highly sedated lemur


cymberleah said...

Good to hear that everything worked out.

What did you knit?

qtilla said...

I started a new scarf to practice before I start my first stocking cap.

It is a nice blue washable yarn. I'm about 5 inches in and I noticed two errors, but I can't decide if I want to tear it out or not.

cymberleah said...

The general rule of thumb is, when you look at it when all it is finished, will you see the mistakes, or see the scarf? It's only important to be happy with it when it's done.

qtilla said...

I've now torn out the scarf three times and I'm starting with my own hair soon.

I think maybe I am turning into Tony Shalhoub.

Drew said...

Count yourself lucky. I turned into Lou Dobbs once. And believe you me, that's not something you ever wanna do.