Monday, August 20, 2007

A link dump?

Just what you always wanted!

World's Costliest Ham Triggers Pork Envy
Amusing and Irritating excerpts:

Likening it to a Mount Olympus of pork.

"This is the best ham in the world because it comes from the best pig in the world," [That's some pig!]

Maldonado has yet to set a price for customers who buy the 13-pound hams directly from him, but the food site has a dozen for sale at $2,100 each, and is accepting $250 deposits.
Is it ridiculous to pay that for a piece of pig? [WTF. YES. And this is coming from me.]

"It is the most important ham in Spain," adds Pedro Soley.

Democrats just noticed missing testes.
Via Slate's Today's Papers.
The NYT lead says Congress accidentally gave President George Bush the power to conduct warrantless searches and seizures when it passed a wiretapping bill earlier this month. Democrats are embarrassed they voted without understanding language that would allow—among other things—some physical searches, and the collection of business records, without a court order.

Alternate titles:
Plot from Arrested Development Ominously True in Congress

Congress: 'Rights must be around here somewhere.'

To Congress: 'Have you tried looking under the couch?'

Slate's Article on The Poetry of Guantanamo
In "To My Father," by Abdullah Thani Faris Al Anazi, the poet writes:
O Father, this is a prison of injustice.

Its iniquity makes the mountains weep.
I have committed no crime and am guilty of no offense.
Curved claws have I,
But I have been sold like a fattened sheep.

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