Monday, August 20, 2007


I have been just smothered in foreboding today. It is the sort of thing I associate with girlishness; perhaps because my mother is often struck with these sorts of feelings of clairvoyance that cause her to say such things as, "Oh I think I'd better drive down to wait while you have surgery because I have this very strong sense of foreboding about this...." As though a comment like this is supposed to make me feel -better-.

No, I don't think that I'm psychic, but my response to this feeling will still be to cower at home in bed with my stuffed bunny, Mr Bunnykins, and watch TV while eating tasty pie and waiting for the sky to fall.

On a related note, I am publishing an unauthorized reproduction of my convo about this subject with Paul (Paul italics, and I am bold, in general, but in this case in font as well) from this a.m. So read it ASAP in case Paul demands I take down this inflammatory and speculative hogwash.

I am feeling this deep sense of foreboding. Very nervous and frantic feeling. Is this silly?

Is this just a general sense of foreboding or is it over something specific? Personally I have been quite weirded out over a series of occurrences, so if you wanted to tell me that the fabric of space and time is collapsing around me... I would still think you were being silly but I would be placing an order of large container of Reality Glue. What kind of container would Reality Glue come in? My first thought was one of those paste jugs form kindergarten.

Foreboding of the variety that is not allowing me to make decisions, such as what kind of planner do I want or whether to go to Superbad tonight.

I would like reality to be kept in a very large rubber cement bottle. The kind with the brush. Reality bottles would be cumbersome and hard to open. I can picture some form of hijinx ensuing simply from trying to open a crusty old reality bottle. The smell of reality would also give me a headache.

Sorry to hear about the general foreboding. I find the general foreboding much more annoying than specific. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But in your case you would probably see that as a good thing, as long as it was in your size and "cute".


PalinDrome said...

If I had known I was going to be quoted on the SUC, I would have taken the time to reread what I wrote and cleaned up the grammar. :)

Drew said...

Hey, no need to post this, but you're slacking on the job. I know you have the same RSS news feed I do, so why isn't this up?;_ylt=AmzCfcA6VJdEjl9PgOIdYB2s0NUE


qtilla said...

how is it possible that i missed this.
i'm a failure.


steve said...

This reminds me of long conversations between my friends about Cosmic White Out. Man do I wish that existed.

qtilla said...

Any other fanciful abstract office supplies one can huff?