Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've got my dad's eyes, my mom's chin, and my aunt's weird.

Example 1: My not-aunt Laurie and I were out shopping and she came across a square waffle iron and declared, “I’v been looking for a square waffle iron for ages! I can’t stand round waffles.”
“Yes,” I cried excitedly, “otherwise they are not conducive to proper topping distribution!”

Example 2: Later we were driving past a beggar just off of Union Square in San Fran and Laurie made her daughter roll down the window and give him 5$. We’d passed countless beggars and when we looked at her questioningly she responded, “He’s missing a leg.” This theory of giving is perfectly in line with my less delicately put theory on begging, which I call, “Show me your stump.”


Anonymous said...

While I admit that I too enjoy square waffles, I have a square waffle iron. Perhaps the fact that I have had it for many years surprises me that that piece of cookware was so hard to find.

I did not realize the effect and power that Eggo had on the waffle iron industry.

qtilla said...

I've always been puzzled by the circular waffle phenomenon. I had never connected it to nefarious toaster pastry manufacturers- that is quite brilliant.