Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Some time ago I read World War Z, an excellent "oral history" of the zombie wars, written by Max Brooks.
As predicted by Steve and yours truly, a film is now in the works.

And that's all I got, check out the story at


cymberleah said...

That was such a good book.

I'm so glad I got it free.

qtilla said...

Cheeky. You got it early too. I remember I was jealous.

It was a very good book- I was actually very pleased with it. It is clear that Max Brooks, like certain bloggers, may have spent an excess of time pondering zombie outbreak survivalist theory. Or as I desire to call it, ZOST.

cymberleah said...

I am cheeky. It's fun.

Also, reading that book made me happy I live closer to the frozen white north than some people, and glad that my house has limited access points. Kinda. Enough to get me through the first wave of atatcks, at least.

I need to find me some sort of fire weapon though, to be really safe.