Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things you may have to pry out of my cold dead hands

No, not cannoli (because only Rialto at Green Lake serves a reasonable cannolo in Seattle).

Nope, it's a gun, seriously.


I went to bed thinking guns should not be around (and yes, I admit, I did grow up with guns) and woke up thinking that maybe keeping Americans armed would be a nice way to deal with our inept, but ever scarier government.

Is Pooky growing up? Or is this a mere adult culmination of the fear of the government that was seeded in my little piggy-tailed head by E.T., D.A.R.Y.L, Real Genius, War Games, Flight of the Navigator, The Secret of NIMH, Terminator, and the Alien series?

Hard to say, but as Democrats get harder for me to respect, Republicans (real ones- not money spending, government power-increasing Bushites) are getting more attractive. Is this some sort of disillusionment beer-goggle?


But don't worry, I haven't gone this far yet. Rudy Giuliani can still kiss my shiny metal ass. He should be used to kissing women's asses by this point. (Zing!)


cymberleah said...

At a guess, you are growing less enthralled with the Democrats as they try to reach out to a polarized base. It worked for the Republicans, to the extent that people got elected. If getting elected is all that counts, then polarization is great.

But. If you are mostly moderate, but with silly ideas that your bed partner shouldn't dictate your employment, or that as a female you have some right to say what happens to your body, then you're going to be less pleased to see the progressive party pander to the kooky.

Right now, the Republicans are trying to pull back from the extremism, as it's stopped working for them. Now, given the two choices, they look almost rational again.

But I'm still not keen on people telling me that I am Evil for wanting silly things like sexual equality and equal rights for people who are still people no matter who they sleep with.

qtilla said...

You're so silly!

Drew said...

Silly plebians,

To even think that we have a two party system these days is nieve. There's only one true party, and the rest are just distractors to provide the illusion of choice.

This is espically true here in Texas, where I'll only vote in the republican primary, because that's real election in town.

So go back to bed, America, and watch your 500 channels of American Gladiators. The GOP will take care of you. :P

qtilla said...

I'm voting Republican in the primaries too. Because if I vote for McCain he'll fall in love with me and leave his billionaire wife, right? Right?
Of course I'm right.