Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Maybe I should get married after all.

Because last night there was a spider IN MY FRIDGE.

Let me repeat IN MY FRIDGE.

There I was in my PJ's watching How I Met Your Mother when I had a hankering for a nice apple. I opened the fridge and THERE WAS A SPIDER IN MY FRIDGE. And then because I am a complete and utter moron I squeaked and SHUT THE DOOR. I soon realized that this was not a good solution to the issue and used the back of my dustpan to squash the spider. (Then danced/hopped around in circles flailing my arms going 'blech, blech, blech!!!')

It took all of my strength to not throw out every last thing in my fridge from milk to olives on the spider-cootie principle/highly unlikely, but nonetheless terrifying egg laying possibility. The additional epiphany that the spider probably rode into my fridge on my fresh produce, purchased that day for TJ's, sucked the apple craving out of me faster than (insert sorority girl joke here).

Luckily it wasn't the scariest of all local spiders, the giant house spider. Linda recently had a run in with the GHS, as did Megan. Although, I don't think that one of those could fit in my fridge.


Eli Edmundson said...

Hey, funny post and interesting blog!

qtilla said...

Thank you!