Thursday, August 30, 2007

More noooooooooze.

Sorry, Mr. President, You're All Out of Troops
The President's shortsighted military strategy and the options with which we are presented.
This actually reminds me of when I took my 12 year old cousin Sean to the movies and they showed a commercial for the reserves and afterwards Sean said, "Why didn't they show anyone in the desert?"
"Because they're hoping you wouldn't notice."
"Because they're running out of soldiers."
"Well that sucks."

With Friends Like Mitt you might want to get a dog.
Actual alternate title from the RSS feed:
Mitt Romney shivs his pal Larry Craig.
Damn you Slate! Alternate titles are my thing! Get your own thing!
-Anyway- Mitt Romney turned on his former campaign chairman in 5 minutes!
Wow Mitt, you're a bad friend in addition to a bad person. I think that's an extra 5 points.

Both stories via Slate.

In other news, I'm pretty sure that this is from the secret squirrel terrorist training camp.

Additionally, a spider was trying to hide in my laundry this morning. (And where is my laundry bag? Next to my shower. This spiders-are-perverts theory is looking fact-ier every day.)

Will someone now add 'laundry bag' to the list of things that I'm scared of please? Thanks.

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