Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going public.

I've been pondering tidying this blog up. Deleting any posts that might not be something I want associated with my name. Maybe deleting any posts that just aren't up to snuff (I realize that there will be many).

I feel like anonymous blogging is great and don't plan to publicize my full name, but it seems unwise to have anything poorly written or controversial out there floating around. Certainly not with the way technology is changing. Is it only a matter of time before my name comes fully up in the blog somehow?

On the other hand, the blog is a fascinating time capsule. Furthermore, maybe there is a space on Google+/Facebook where I can move the good stuff AND the poop jokes; someplace where I can better choose who reads my unrestricted thoughts, and the blog can be a public place.

Thoughts, anyone?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Things scarier than rats are lurking.

New shoes:

So, can I just mention that I was downtown a few weeks ago and stepped on a used needle? Sorry, it squicks me out too. Didn't get into my shoe, but I was well freaked out. This makes the second used needle I've stepped on, so far.

There is no reason to bring this up, other than the fact that it flits into my mind more than I anticipated it would and I just find it so disturbing. And depressing. What are we supposed to do about this kind of drug use in our society? I have no idea.

Watch where you walk, friends.