Thursday, August 16, 2007

You may call me Snappy McSapperson

Seriously grumpy today. Grump Grump Grump.

Hey I know what would cheer me up!

MMMMMMMMM... chocolate Daleck.

I think my irritation has to do with the hand entry of thousands of numbers into my Database of Doooooooooom. And you know, the weather. And my mean friends who are too busy to watch Monster Squad with me, even though I expressly requested it for them to view. I would even make a nice coffee cake....


Anonymous said...

I find it somewhat disconcerting to see the genocidal would-be overlords of the universe depicted in delicious chocolate form. Regardless, what I really want to know is... Is it creme or marshmellow filled?

qtilla said...

Ganache, of course.

There is a double entendre there... although it sucks the clever right out when one's double entendre is so obscure/reliant on knowledge of French that one must point out that it is a double entendre.

Oh well.