Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank God for the internet!

Otherwise I never would have found out about the following:

Swedish grandmother hospitalized after beaver attack
You know I went to Bryn Mawr for YEARS and never suffered a beaver attack. What? Not that kind of beaver? Well, the statement is still true.
Actually I spend a lot of time at the beaver park in North Seattle (no, not Volunteer Park, the actual park with the beaver dam). Beavers are huge and I'm certain they could totally fuck you up. I love watching the beavers swim around and build their dam, but now I'm a bit nervous, what with my track record for animal attacks.

Venturesome DIY'er building Futurama's Bender

On a whimsical request from a friend, a pioneering lad set out to not only create a lifelike rendition of Bender, but to "give it a brain and make it brew beer."
I wonder if this guy is single, since he's building a Bender Brewer, I would guess so. He's handy, he likes beer, he likes cartoons... I can't see a problem here.

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