Tuesday, August 07, 2007

With liberty and justice for American born citizens only.

Slate has two interesting articles out today about the state of the rights for non-Americans in the power of the American government.

The Birth of a Torture Program.

Did Bush Repeal the 5th Amendment?

I've said it a million times, but if the price of my freedom is the loss of freedom for others- especially the most basic of freedoms: to own and retain property and to not have your nuts hooked up to car batteries- then the cost is too high for me.

I love what America supposedly stood for, but I'm ashamed of what we're doing. America was created to be the home of liberty, justice, and the respect for the individual. How can we talk about justice when we grant none to others? How can we claim to respect individuality and product liberty when we hold people with no trial; when we break the Geneva Conventions; and when we overthrow foreign governments to make political and financial capital?

How does it feel to be the bad guy? How do you feel today? I feel pretty shitty.

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