Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vacation Round Up

I had a great time in Cali with the family. Spent most of my time thrifting, eating fatty foods, frolicking with horses and dogs, and museum visiting.

Some vacation inspired thoughts:

Harry Potter made me compromise myself.
The airport was selling HP for 30$ at 20% off. Said I, “har har.” I bought it for 18$... at Walmart. My shame is great, but my aunt (who is actually not my aunt but my cousin once removed- I think) had to pick up something there. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Re: HP7, I am simply glad that I cannot be held hostage by this series any longer. I am satisfied with the ending, although the epilogue was crap. (And that is all I want to say about HP7- although I am consumed by the thought that HP is braver than Jesus; though I suppose being made up probably helps.)

Spent some time with the horses and began to wonder, how is it that when I try to give my cousin’s sheltie a milk bone it nearly eats my entire hand, but a horse can eat baby carrots out of my palm?

After wandering the Cartoon Art Museum I began to think that Calvin and Hobbes did everything that Peanuts did, but smarter. And with tigers.

SFMOMA was pretty cool, but I didn’t leave with any piece floating in my head; although I did like their Jackson Pollock better than SAM’s. Which brings to mind an only marginally related story.
Most interesting interaction with stranger at SAM: I was staring at the drip art Jackson Pollock and stepped closer and closer until I was an inch from the case, scrutinizing it carefully when a guy (my age or a bit younger) came over and joined me. He too stepped close and said, “What are you looking at?”
“Is that kitty litter?”
After a pause, “Yes, I think it is.” Then we both wandered off.

The picture below is my thrifting haul (well almost all of it):
(Please note that there is a wooden vulture wearing spectacles next to the pile of vintage fabric.)

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