Friday, August 24, 2007

So, you say you want more jumbled posts?

Rock on.

1. Lolita's Closet, via Slate.
One woman's search to find appropriate clothes for her teen daughter.
Alternative title: why Quiana must, must, must remember to take the pill every day.

2. Newsarama makes my day with all-Ryan Reynolds- all-the-time.
Ryan Reynolds (RAAAAWWWWWR) on Deadpool and rumors of his potential appearance in the upcoming JLA movie. (Which will probably suck. Since Christian Bale (RAAAAWWWWWR) won't appear in it. Curse you and your artistic interest in only being in ridiculously awesome movies, Christian!) (Yes, Steve, we'll still go to see JLA- after all we went to Episode 3 and FF2. Because we are nerds. And morons.)

3. Yo Joe! G.I. Joe heads to the big screen in 2009.
Self-explanatory title there, but I'm not sure how they are going to pull this off. I mean, aren't there plenty of real war movies? Good ones too.
In fact I LOVE war movies (no idea why) but I just can't see giving someone 10 bucks to watch Cobra Commander.

4. There was a god damned spider in my god damned shower this morning.
WHY? I need answers, people. Why are they always lurking in the shower? There I was standing on the edge of my tub swatting at it with a random shoe. Might I add it was so big that after wapping it repeatedly it fell into the tub and WOULDN'T GO DOWN THE DRAIN. It was that big.
Is my apartment the movie set for some kind of 50's nuclear hysteria monster movie? And if this is indeed the case, where is my wavy haired reporter or army guy? Shouldn't he be killing my spider after successfully catching me mid-swoon?

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Anonymous said...

Don't spiders like wet, damp environments? Plus I believe you previously mentioned the whole 16 boobs thing because of their eyes. I mean, what more evidence do you need?