Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Crap of Interest to Me

3 links today:

The Worst of Both Worlds

How the bush administration cherry-picks whether you are a 'enemy combatant' or a 'terrorist' in order to 'lawfully' ignore the differing sets of rights accorded to each.

Squirrels Even Scare Rattle Snakes
"Because the snakes, which are ambush hunters, can sense infrared radiation from heat, the warming makes the tails more conspicuous to them — signaling that they have been discovered and that the squirrels may come and harass them, explained Aaron Rundus...."
Alternate title: Hot Tail.

Bob Allen- Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
If you are interested in a transcript of the prostitution sting which netted State Rep. Bob Allen, you can find it above. It is short, but mighty interesting.
Other things I could've called this story:
Bob Allen, cocksucking racist, still loves Jesus.
My favorite part:
"When Allen was being placed in a marked patrol car, he asked whether "it would help" if he was a state legislator, according to a police report. The officer replied, "No."

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