Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thought of the Day: Things that I worry about.

1. Last night I had some anxiety that something (read Nature) would climb into my car. Perhaps another vicious squirrel assassin. I am sure this is exactly the sort of opening Nature has been looking for.

2. Last night I became extremely angry when my adjuster called and left me a voicemail mentioning that she thought it was a bonehead idea to leave my unsecured vehicle on the street and couldn't I just have that glass fixed.
So I left her an angry message. I didn't say 'no shit, Sherlock," but I wanted to. I did casually mentioned that I called 5 places unsuccessfully trying to get my glass fixed yesterday and since my agent was clueless I was kind of screwed on that whole immediate assistance issue.
Now I feel bad because I have had to leave a few feisty messages with people and I am not big on losing my temper. But, I lost my temper, and the end result: tears. As always. Additionally, now I feel like a jerk.

3. Of course I called one last auto glass place on my Grandma's suggestion (after I snapped at her) and left them a message, so my car will be fixed today. Thus semi-alleviating my fears, but continuing my belief that I'm a grandma-snapping at-ing, mean voice-mail leaving jerk.

4. In other news I had a little argument about this Michael Vick business with my Grandma the day before as well. Essentially my comment was that he should go to jail, but if Leonard Little can drunkenly kill a human being and still play for the NFL then Michael Vick should be allowed back in spite of public opinion.
Grandma essentially just feels strongly about dogs and wants him to suffer. Which is fine. I even believe that (brace yourself for an uncool opinion) God asked us to be the stewards of this planet- so fighting dogs to the death is a pretty gross way to exercise our power.
I am also all for Vick doing a huge amount of jail time, but if the NFL wants to ban players based upon criminal records, there needs to be some parity. According to USA Today, 13 players in the 2000 Super Bowl had criminal records. If the NFL starts booting criminals, what is a boot-able offense? I whole-heartedly support all sports leagues making rules about criminal behavior; after all, these are explicitly role models.
Furthermore, I like dogs a lot, but I wish I could harness all of the public anger about this dog-fighting and turn it towards helping people or getting our civil liberties back.

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