Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Times for Geeks

My best friend from JH, Amber, is in town and last night we found one of those nifty R2D2 post-boxes.

We also sat down and started watching the first season of The 4400. This show was actually pretty cool, so check it out.

Alien abduction tv show watching and posing with post-boxes in robot drag: this is what geeks do for fun.

Still single, guys. RAWWWR.

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Drew M. said...

Heh, the first season of 4400 rocks. Finishing watching it. The second season start's out rock'n and slowly turns into lame drama. I lost interest before the end, but finished watching the season. However, I have no interest in the new season at all. They need to do the same thing that Battlestar needs to do, and wind up the story on a high note instead of dragging the series out.