Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I hope you are enjoying my free pen...

This morning I arrived to find my car's trunk open and the rear driver side window smashed. My emergency kit and car stuff bins were both dumped into my trunk and sorted through. They even opened the donut shaped tin which holds my medical tape. Now I know where all of the 10 year old family sedan driving over-cautious drug addicts hide their emergency bumps. My glove-box contents were liberally scattered around the front seat with no regard for the integrity of my map of British Columbia. Glass was everywhere.

The thieves made off with a Sea-Tac Hilton pen, a broken tape adapter, and a mostly working iPod charger- 0$, 3$, and 20$ (when they were all working, estimated current value- 10$, 0$, and 0$). Things not stolen: 150$ hiking boots. Presumably these wouldn't fit the thief because he must have been the god damned Incredible Hulk in order to lift the HUGE cinder block used to smoosh my window. The picture does not do this block justice. Trust me I tried to lift it and it was VERY heavy.

While I applaud the thieves on two fronts-
1. Brute strength
2. Breaking the rear window instead of the front-
These guys are clearly amateurs as they picked a 1996 Mercury Sable to bust into looking for valuables. Dude, if someone owns a 1996 Mercury Sable they don't own any valuables. For crying out loud, it doesn't even have a CD player.
Furthermore I was able to jimmy my own door open in less than a minute using a coat hanger when I locked my keys in my car. A pro could have had my door open in seconds.

Beside the fact that they wasted my time and STOLE MY FAVORITE PEN, I'm not too upset. Sure it sucks, but I have a low deductible. The part that I'm really upset with- other than the pen- is that now I'm driving around in a car with a garbage bag duct taped to it. I promised myself that I'd never drive another beater with duct tape and here I am until Thursday morning.

At least if anyone wants to get into my car tonight they can just rip open the bag.

If anyone sees a guy taking notes with a silver Hilton pen whilst listening to his slowly charging iPod through only his right hand speakers make a citizen's arrest. I want my pen back.


cymberleah said...

Ow. Just... Ow.

I have no wry and slightly witty comment.

You have my sympathies, though.

qtilla said...


i guess i'm ticked, but i'm also a bit ambivalent.

my boss gave me a new stolen from the sea-tac hilton pen. the rest of the stuff was worthless.

really they just cost me 100$ for the window and a bunch of quiana-time. quiana-time is primarily worthless anyway.

plus lynn bought me fro-yo. so i'll be happy till dinner time.

and now i know that i need to switch insurance agents, since mine is, like quiana-time, primarily worthless. as an agent, although also probably as a person too.

Drew said...

Heh... At least they didn't just blatently insult you like they did when they broke into Steve's car.

We arrived to find his car broken into, and his CD case was missing. Then we looked down the street to find his CD strewn everywhere. It appeared that whoever took it just walked away thumbing through his CD case going... "Mhmm... Crap... Crap... More crap..." as they tossed his CD's over his shoulder. It's one thing to be robbed... It's another to have your taste in music so utterly insulted.

qtilla said...

They certainly seemed to appreciate my taste in free writing products.