Tuesday, August 14, 2007

League of Women Who Think You're an Idiot

The survey left, click to enlarge, is the most ridiculous survey I've seen in a long time.

I have written my own survey which is only moderately ridiculous:
1. Do you support puppies being run over by steamrollers?
2. Would you like more donuts and candy?
3. Do you find it nearly impossible to stop trees from growing using only the power of your mind?

Result= Dramatic commercials.
"98% of Americans want the heinous practice of Puppy-Steamrolling abolished! Hillary Clinton for President, she'd never steamroll a puppy.
Paid for by the League of Women Voters."

Well, League, and I think Gloria Steinem would have my back on this, you're stupid.

Alternate Title:
Says League of Women Voters, "You're dumb, give us money."

PS- League of Women Voters, I think you're jerks. Thanks for the AWESOME survey.


cymberleah said...

You fail.

Using logic to dissect a polemic?


qtilla said...

Stupid logic!

cymberleah said...

One of my favorite sayings:

"Hush, you and your logic!"

It works so well, and in so many places!