Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Conservative Parents Would Rather their Daughters Die of Cervical Cancer than Admit that Sex is a Choice

Forbes is reporting that Merck, the company that has developed the first cervical cancer vaccine is pressuring the government to add their vaccine to the official government list of highly recommended vaccines for girls.

Conservative groups are saying that this will increase promiscuity. Does this remind you of the whole "not killing my daughter if she has sex will encourage her to have sex" argument?

I hate that these people would rather risk exposing their child to getting HPV from their legally wed spouse who only slept with one other person one time, before they found God. Or more likely from the person they illicitly sleep with - who, I might add, will probably be in their youth group.

When will people get it through their stupid heads' that teens will have sex no matter what the risks? That loving your child is loving them even if they make mistakes?

What would Jesus do? Probably not unnecessarily risk his child's life.

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qtilla said...

Sweet sweet unintended irony...