Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello, my name is Quiana, and I work in a button factory.

Random Collection of Thoughts:

I only watch two shows on TV in real time (as opposed to DVD) Greys Anatomy & Good Eats.
Monica and I have noticed that the commercial breaks at the beginning of Greys are shorter than those towards the end. The super-sized commercial breaks hold my nemesis: the ridiculously long commercial for Lost. I am not watching Lost in real time. I do NOT want to know what is happening in Lost. I am waiting for the DVD, STUPID ABC. This is very frustrating because now there is a huge commercial block through which I am not allowed to look at my own TV.

Some day, when I pay off my student loans and the left over car related debt, my tax refund could be used to go on a vacation. And now wouldn't that be sexy?

So far only one job rejection. Although not calling is like a tacit rejection I suppose. I think I will not spend time dwelling on this thought though.

Last night I felt a twinge of jealousy when a friend of mine revealed exciting new plans for more education. A trust fund is a damn handy thing to have.

I have made an appointment to get started with this cortisone shot thing. Cross your fingers. And also your toes.

I am having lunch at the EDCC student chef run restaurant with coworkers I like. I am excited. Much more excited than a student chef prepared lunch probably warrants.

Tonight is fondue and cocktails with the girls. There will be fruit and we will enrobe it in chocolate. We will drink appletinis and play cards. I am looking forward to this with great anticipation.

I tutor a high school boy in English and even though he initially did not get Of Mice and Men, he brought a rough draft of an essay to yesterday's session and it was not the gibberish I have come to expect. Although he did use the phrase "beat the crap out of someone," which was excised in favor of a phrase not containing the word 'crap.' We edited the essay and it looked pretty darn good by the end of our session. So that is pretty exciting.

Yesterday I edited some previous entries for clarity and grammar, so if you're super bored you can play spot the changes.

My left shoe has developed a squeak. This is displeasing as I cannot be very sneaky if I am squeaky. (That should be some kind of product tagline.)

Apparently we've banned luxury exports to N. Korea. This is to Provoke Crazy Jong-Il to attack America pressure N. Korea's confusingly wealthy bastard communist leaders to quit screwing around with nukes. Hopefully they will feel deprived when the next new I-pod comes out (in apx. 3 seconds) and never ever toy with global domination again. So there. I like this idea-almost everyone in N. Korea is starvation level poor and we are leveraging these assholes with revocation of jet-skis and Jags.


technogreek said...

I think it's funny that in a sentence that includes "clarity" and "grammar," the word "bored" is spelled wrong...

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