Monday, January 22, 2007

The Right to Bear Monkeys.

Here is a Business Week Article about legislation to restrict private primate ownership.

Your tax dollars at work.

And a direct quote from the article, "Taking a libertarian view, Joseph Kirkland doesn't think he should be punished for the perceived mistakes of other monkey owners. An National Rifle Association member, he channels that group's resentment toward people who want to legislate his life. "Just like my gun," he says, "They're going to have to pry my monkey from my cold, dead hand."

Now, Mr. Kirkland, this is a family blog. Let's not talk about what you do with your monkey in your spare time.

And what does PETA have to say? Who cares? They are crazy terrorist assholes who think that having a pet dog is animal cruelty.

FINE. They say the following:

"Lisa Wathne, a PETA "captive exotic animal specialist" calls buying pet monkeys a "slave trade." The monkey owners keep their pets "mostly as an ego boost" and should release them to accredited sanctuaries. Many monkeys, she continues, "would be better off dead" -- euthanized -- than in private homes. "

I love it when they compare pet ownership to the slave trade. I like it a bit better when they compare it Auschwitz and the Native American Genocide.

Go to hell PETA.

(Original BW article brought to my attention by mimi smartypants.)


Cymberleah said...

Hmm. It's better to be dead than living in a luxurious enviroment with creatures of a different species.

I'm not one for making pets out of non-domesticated animals (seems silly to me, honestly) but I think "better off dead" is just a wee, tad, tiny bit extreme.

But then, it is coming from PETA, where ethical means "die evil humans die."

qtilla said...

Are you kidding me? I like to meddle with nature as much as possible. That's why I brought home my new pet polar bear.
In like 2 thousand years there will be tame polar bears. Unless they all drown.