Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Parental Responsibility

Today I caught a short article about a family of three who were removed from their flight when their 3 year old child refused to be seated. She crawled under her seat and was hitting her parents and screaming. The crew made the decision to remove them due to the fact the plane was already late and it was unfair to hold it back further for the 112 other passengers. They flew the family home for free the next day.
Having made the correct decision, the airline is of course under criticism.
I'm sorry, but if you can't control the munchkin, you can't fly on a plane. I don't mean to be a bitch, but yank her out from under there and put her in the seat. You can still wrestle them into position at that age.
The parents said they didn't have time to comfort their child. Tough nuts. How long is enough time to comfort an obviously spoiled child? This hitting thing is something I am seeing all the time recently and the parents do nothing. I think that I should get to hit the parents too-- for raising their kids this way.
If my child were behaving that way, I would desire nothing more than to get off the plane.
It's easy for me, a non-parent to say these things and you can't really control a child 100%, but the rest of us should not be punished for your procreative decisions.


Cymberleah said...

Ooooookay. So, the fact that you can't abide by the rules means that you don't have to follow them? Looks like the law says that you have to be belted in upon takeoff. The LAW. The sort of thing you can be heavily punished for breaking. And yet, as the airline is unwilling to break the law, they are the bad guys because they inconveniece a lawbreaker?

Um, yeah. "I can't drive 60, officer. I have to drive 75 to get my screaming child out of the car faster. Giving me a ticket is so incredibly unfair, despite the fact that my irresponsible cutting in and out of traffic caused a four car accident ten miles back. I have children, and I can't control them! It's not my fault I'm doing something illegal, really!"

qtilla said...

You are becoming my new favorite person!
Also, people shouldn't have children because they emit strange noises and smells.

Cymberleah said...

It's just so much fun to live in a society where it does not matter if my actions inconvenience someone, what really matters is if the consequences of my actions inconvenience ME.

And if I'm such a favorite, why didn't I get to go to the fun movies? =P

qtilla said...

Give me your email address, you're in the big leagues now, Tiger.