Monday, February 05, 2007

Absence of Blogage Linked Directly to Life Suckage

Friday morning-ish I went in to schedule my cortisone shot and figure out what was entailed and somehow was persuaded to get the shot right then. Saying "no" to doctors, especially aged patrician style doctors, is too difficult for me.

I would also like to say that I balled up and took the shot like a man, which is to say that while I did not kick the doctor I did make petrified little squeaking noises while I covered my eyes.

My doctor told me I should be fine (pain-wise) for a few hours until the anaesthetic wore off, at which point I would experience "The Flare." "The Flare" is when your hurty foot now hurts like the proverbial bitch. T

his is why there was no blogage on Friday. I have a lovely bruise on the bottom of my tootsie now, so I am not sure whether the pain is still the fasciitis or if it is the large gauge needle that was jabbed repeatedly into my foot. I know that my foot pain related news is keeping you all on the edges of your seats, so I'll update you later.

In further (craptastic) news the SUC-mobile decided to uhm, not be mobile and is sitting at home right now probably watching The View and eating cookie dough out of the freezer.

Luckily my auto-shop said they could fit in some QT with The SUCker and hopefully I can return to damaging the environment, no less than twice daily.

Thanks to Monica for loaning me her far swankier car. Although enjoying the heated seats was lovely, you never notice how terrifying driving on the freeway is until your are driving somebody else's much much nicer vehicle. This definitely includes the moment I had with the beautiful 68 Mustang that roared up on me in the second right most lane, causing me to nearly soil myself. Said I to the enchanting vehicle, "I would never drive you like that, baby." At which point Blackstreet's "Good Lovin'" began to play in the background. Sadly the driver stole away into the fog leaving a 68 Mustang shaped cloud of smoke behind it.

In other mundane news, I saw Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) last night and found it to be cute and satisfying. The story of the impromptu cease-fires and shared Christmas celebrations across the trenches in WWI was a hair sacrine, but did show how interconnected Europe is and was and how soldiers are encouraged to hate an enemy that they would probably like if they didn't meet at gun point. 3.5-4 well-behaved monkeys out of 5.

I also finished up CSI (6) which was interesting, but not engrossing (though season 6 is better than others) and Entourage (2) which was spectacular as usual (and also stars that guy from The Devil Wears Prada who I am too lazy to look up - Adrian something?- who is super-hot).

In this season of Entourage there was even a San Diego Comi-Con episode, which was an awesome cross-over between three things I like: 1. Comics. 2. Graphic HBO shows. 3. Men with whom I would like to have sloppy make-outs.

In other apropos of nothing thoughts, if I recall correctly Kevin Connolly (the manager from Entourage) was in The Notebook. This is not particularly significant other than the fact that The Notebook was an abomination and Entourage is one of my favorite shows. I'm sure the Notebook related significance for Kevin Connolly had something to do with food and the putting of it in his mouth.

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