Wednesday, February 07, 2007

All work, all the time.

In two pieces of coworker related news, Man at Work Who Sucks at Adultery has transferred to a different department. One with which I have NO involvement. So while he is still lurking in the building, he will have no pretense under which to chat me up.
Additionally, Gargoyle Toes, who will (if you don't feign illness or run away) regale you with the Tales of Cassiopeia, The Cat Who Refuses to Die, has downloaded one of those programs with a kitty that chases your cursor and just generally loafs around your monitor. I noticed it licking it's paw earlier, I wonder, does it lick its own anus? Her real cat, which may be called Calliope, Cantaloupe, or Cassidy has been on dialysis and drugs for four years. This cat is receiving better health care than the people of Indonesia.

In other work news, there is a veritable shit-storm of interest in yours truly. And yes by shit-storm I do mean I have 2 interviews this week. Wish me luck. Hopefully, I will not be tempted to use the phrase "shit-storm" in any of them. You may add this to the list of interview no-nos; I believe if fits right above telling your interviewer that you don't believe in underwear, and below explaining how you learned to make napalm on the internet.

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