Monday, February 12, 2007

Bad days to be a vegan motorist....

When eggs attack. When cow intestines attack.
Ok, Steve, (who seems to be largely afraid of all live stock) this is when you should fear cows: when their internal organs are about to burst through your windshield.

So I have been a bit busy at work lately and a bit busy at home trying to achieve new work, so hence the slowing bloggery.

Q update:

-Still in the application process. I have now been rejected six times. Oh, when will the judging end? My interviews friday went well and I am up for a second on both.

-Bought a suit. I own a beautiful Calvin Klein suit... $300 later. OUCH.

-As it turns out I am a size (or two) smaller up top than on the bottom so I had to buy my suit pieces separately- So in addition to being poor, it is perhaps not out of line to also call me freakishly misshapen.

-Bought two new tankinis. Ralph Lauren tankinis. OUCH in both a monetary sense and in a 'for a freakishly misshapen popper, you look pretty nice in swimwear- provided that you strategically place fabric.' Or perhaps I should summarize as bow-chicka-bow-wow.

-I bought my first lawn gnome Saturday (for a friend. seriously). This was akin to my waffle-maker pursuit in that after a very drawn out search I found an acceptable gnome, but the gnome of my dreams was nowhere to be found. Said a lawn jockey purveyor, "It isn't really gnome season." Thought I, "Is that akin to duck season?"

-I bought a waffle iron for $8.99 at Fred Meyer. Square, traditional, with a heat setting knob. Yes, apparently I will find it at Freddy's. Also, I just wrote knob.

-Over the weekend I got to hang out with a lot of my favorite people. That was good. Favorite people: I think you're swell. I'm so glad to have so many awesome friends, especially what with my being mean and judgemental etc. I love you, suckers!

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