Monday, February 26, 2007

Dead & Breakfast

My uncle and I opted to watch Dead and Breakfast instead of the Oscars. This was a good decision as Dead and Breakfast rocked.

It was funny, musical, and different.

My favorite parts were the musical portions and the appearance of cute TV actors who I enjoy watching... and David Carradine.

If you liked Shuan of the Dead, you'll probably like Dead and Breakfast. It's an indie film, so the production values are lower, but it is definitely in the same spirit.

Check it out if you have time.

4 monkeys, almost 5 just for the musical number.

Oh and last weekend I caught Idiocracy and Versus. Idiocracy was a bit of a waste. It could have been good, but wasn't. 5 monkeys for the concept, 2 monkeys for the actual film.

Versus was a perplexing Japanese zombie movie. It made no sense to me and I speak Japanese, so please don't feel bad if it made no sense whatsoever to you. 1 monkey for not even finding some sexy Japanese heartthrobs to play the leads.

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