Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In other news...

Very nice coworker, with whom I occasionally attend church, when I occasionally attend church and who very kindly gave me green soap (why?) which gives me headaches (why?) for Valentine's Day, suggested that I kill my crazy neighbor with kindness.
Thank you for the advice nice church-going, bad-smelling-soap-giving coworker, but I don't think that crazy neighbor can be killed with kindness. I'm thinking more like a silver bullet, or a stake through the heart.

Had a job interview yesterday that went very very well, but I don't think that I will take it if it is offered. (Says Quiana, thinking she is quite hot-to-trot and getting ahead of herself -as usual.) The really obnoxiously adorable girl complimented me on my suit and I resisted the urge to say "damn straight," or "for what it costs, you'd better like it."
I have another interview today and I am concerned about paying to park downtown. Mainly because when I spoke with the woman on the phone she essentially told me that I offended her (I promise I didn't say anything about my undies. I didn't.) when I said that I didn't want to continue in my current job path for x, y, z reasons. However:
1. I had just said that I love my job.
2. She's the one that asked!!!
Anyway, I have some misgivings, but if she wants to pay me money then I guess I will buck up and head downtown so that I can sit in rush hour. Hurrah!

Given the general unavailability of both tapirs and pandas for pet purposes, I am pondering a hedgehog. These are somewhat challenging to get and are a bit pricey. But really what price is too high to pay for a pest that will probably bite me and spike me with his little suit of Quiana deterrent? Unconditional love is painful/may involve the procurement of meal worms.

Went out with Monica, her new guy "Gordy" (or so he likes to call himself), and some other folks to see The Paper Boys at Tractor Tavern Saturday. Good times were had by all... aside from running into really hot guy I went out with three times who just stopped calling. Who does that? After 3 dates, then you decide 'no dice.' He made googly eyes at me periodically, but you cannot fool me with a razor sharp jawline, curly blond hair, green eyes, and a nice tattoo. I'll stick with the rodents, at least you know that when they don't call it is because they lack thumbs.

Enough of this jibba-jabba, I'm off to be judged. yay.

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