Monday, February 05, 2007

Americans Surprised: New Government Programs = More Taxes

So Edwards released his new plan to fight poverty in America- Universal Health Care. Hilariously every headline is like "New Edwards Plan Includes Hefty Tax Hikes." "Universal Health Care Will Raise Taxes." "Top Story: Sky is Blue."

Now, I don't know where you all grew up, but where I grew up you didn't get something for nothing. If Americans really want to save Social Security, they can start providing proper medical care and meals for the poor when they are kids rather than letting them develop life long health problems.

Additionally, the "tax hike!" is actually the repeal of a bunch of tax cuts that Bush made for people earning over 200,000$ a year. If you can afford veneers on your teeth, you can pay what you used to pay in taxes to help pay for some kid's appendectomy or chemo. Also, if you have a problem with this you can buy me a new handbag before going straight to hell.

John Edwards, if you need someone to follow you around and fan you with palm fronds and feed you peeled grapes, my resume is on

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