Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My car is a vile robot intent on my destruction.

Well, my fiscal destruction at any rate.
Today the fine fellows at Andy's notified me that to fix my alternator would be about $500. To do the rest of my scheduled maintenance would cost me an arm, a leg, my firstborn child, a barn of straw spun to gold, my entire comic book collection, one ovary, and a muffin. Ok, fine, about $1200.
This makes me sad, as I had already mapped out how much further ahead I would be at the end of this month. Now I can calculate how much further behind I will be.
I might add that I have now paid more in repairs etc. on this vehicle than it was purchased for and that the vehicle is worth less than $1200.
Oh well, I am not at the bottom; and not at the bottom is good enough for me.

In happier news my foot is hurting much less and I have made it to the second round of interviews in a very promising job. Perhaps things are looking up.

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