Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All the cool kids procrastinate their blogging until late in the day.

True story.

I have had 32 oz. of water today. Question: is that too much? Cause I've been peeing like crazy.

Last night my grandma called me and was asking me deep questions, and then when I would answer she would say 'what?' in this dazed manner, and why would my beloved Gram Cracker ignore me? Because she was watching the Westminster Dog Show. Poodle vs. first grandchild. Poodle wins in spite of ridiculous hair cut and testicle licking.

In other thoughts, Anna Nicole Smith spent more time with male reproductive organs than Steve. My opinion on A.N. Smith's whoreishness: stick with what works. I enjoy modern American cultural icons. With giant tits.

Wow, and that was just about it for me. I guess I'm spent from repeatedly mentioning reproductive organs.

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