Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is where I start to whine.
I have yet another interview scheduled this week. With another head hunter.
Now I understand that using these people is a great way to get exposure or whatever, but I am tired of interviewing and then sitting around waiting for something to happen.
I am starting to get tired of dressing myself up and talking myself up.
Looking for another job is like working a very tedious part time job, in which you are judged. It's like dating snotty people and meeting their parents every day.

I'm sorry, none of this is funny or informative. I really prefer my blog to be funny or informative.

As funny as I have, thus far today, today when the woman called to schedule my job interview she received flowers in the middle and was all cute and excited. Let this inform you men that you should send flowers on Valentine's day.

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