Monday, March 17, 2008

Web Stalking: Steven Moffat

Today I web stalked Steven Moffat and found that the writer of the fantastic show Coupling has also done work on Dr. Who. He also wrote Jekyll, which was quite amazing.

Now I see that he has written the TinTin movie, which is super-exciting if you are a huge cartoon nerd. Which I am.

Looking further on IMDB I noticed 3 other shows written by Moffat: Chalk, Press Gang, and Murder Most Horrid. None of which I can get my hands on.

I guess I will just have to wait for TinTin. Stupid not getting whatever I want when I randomly google search for it.


Drew said...

Billions of blistering blue barnicals!

I wonder if they'll keep the supposed racist undertones that I totally missed as a child.

qtilla said...

Apparently it is mostly one book wherein TinTin goes to Africa. The Dutch were occupying Congo at the time so that's no big surprise.

I don't understand people who are afraid to let their children understand racism. It's probably good to learn to recognize it.