Friday, March 14, 2008

Let them eat Pi.

Happy Pi Day everyone!
Do celebrate my favorite number by eating its delicious and homophonous dessert.


Elwood said...

Too bad cake doesn't have a mathematically equivalent day.

qtilla said...

This seems like something we could work on.
Quick to the Math Lab!

Drew said...

Well, let's see. In order to find out what cake-day would be, we would have to find the period in which it occurs.

The natrual log of a number yields a period, so in order to find cake day, it is only natrual to find the period of the space within which it occurs. If you assume cylinder-shaped cake, the formula for it's area would be Pi*R^2*H...

If you have a way of determining R and H, then cake day would occur on log(Pi*r^2*H).

But I suck at any math higher than basic arithmatic, which is why I'm an accountant and not a rocket scientist. I need someone to check my math.