Monday, March 17, 2008

Awesome Rituals 1

Every spring I go to and click to see what movies are ahead of me in the summer. I'd like to report that never before has a summer been so promising with literally a dozen movies I would actually not be completely bitter to pay $10 to see.

Kicking off my spring/summer movie extravaganza:
Harold and Kumar on April 25th. (Mysteriously not April 20th.)

Movie nobody will want to see with me:
The Happening on 6/13.

Movies tied for "Most Looked Forward To":
Iron Man on 5/2 and Dark Knight on 7/18 (the day after my birthday- surely not a coincidence).

Is it crazy to put movie release dates in your Outlook calendar? Hope not.


PalinDrome said...

You forget that you are now friends with me, who will pretty much go to any movie with a sci-fi bent. So pencil me in for "The Haps".

qtilla said...

Hooray for Paul and his tremendously low standards!

Jim said...

It is also probably worth noting that, assuming the WB doesn't push up The Dark Knight so that it actually coincides exactly with your birthday, you'll still easily be able to catch a midnight showing as the best humanly possible way to wrap up aforementioned date of birth.


Drew said...

Same here for the Haps. For some reason, I'm not so quiet worked up about the Dark Knight. I'm sure it'll be good and slick and all, but the trailer for the movie to me screams something along the lines of "Usual Suspects" instead of "Batman." My attitude will undoubtably change closer to release date.

Similiarly, I'm suprised that Indiana Jones isn't moving me...

Wall-E looks damned good though. Nevermind the fact that he's a minature version of Jhonny 5.

Iron Man's actually got me peeing my pants in anticipation.

Noelle said...

i put shows (bands, etc.) i'm going to on my outlook calendar, so if that's crazy, count me in.

i can't believe how many (allegedly) (am such a suspicious person, when did that happen?) good movies are coming out this summer. go dark knight! hmm, the happening? sci-fi? considering my embarrassingly deep love of battlestar galactica, i need to investigate this movie further.

qtilla said...

Would this be the time to gloat about how I will see a lot of Jamie Bamber (aka Bambie Jammer) at the upcoming Emerald City ComiCon?

Wow, I've never noted how uhm... inappropriate a nickname Bambie Jammer is.

Oh well.

Drew said...

Hehehe. With a name like that, maybe he should've appeared in Jacky Treehorn's Gutterballs.