Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

1. I bought a new phone, the Sony w580i. It is pink, scarily small and light and has a mushroom cell phone bauble. Hopefully I'll figure out all the functions soon. I'm kind of scared to have to learn a new predictive texting software. Because I'm old.

2. Today a client sent an email that was all rude and accused negligence and wanted to know specifically who is at fault. The thing that is killing me is that she is a middle aged mommy and a crazy-pants evangelical (who- I shit you not- 'blessed' me at our meeting in December and -still totally not shitting you- gave me a hug for being so helpful... so I'm thinking maybe a little bi-polar? hopefully not of the stabby stabby variety...).
This is when I should throw a smoke bomb and run away. (I am not the negligent one, but I am the bearer of bad news, which will probably suck more.)

3. I think I will take a Mental Health Saturday this weekend. I can mop, watch cartoons, and maybe bake something extravagant- all in my pjs. And if I am lonely by evening time I will just go out looking for trouble all spontaneous-like. So hold all the fun for another weekend just in case. Seriously, guys- NO FUN SATURDAY.

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