Monday, March 10, 2008

There's someone I forgot to be.

1. I am now free from my Verizon Wireless contract. (Yay!) Now I can let AT&T rip me off for a while. It will be AWESOME. (Today's The Word is "tag-team.")
This evening I will venture to Northgate Mall to try to determine what the hell needs to occur in this whole phone process... including choosing a new phone.
Which reminds me that you guys are all NUTS. I can't believe that after I asked for phone recommendations all I got were emails from a bunch iPhone whores. (Side note: Come on guys, leave a comment instead of sending an email- this is a blog for Pete's sake).
My iPod pretty much has never functioned to a suitable level and as I've previously stated Apple has terrible customer service; so buying the iPhone from AT&T is like buying Ann Coulter and Dick Cheney's (Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader's?) love child as far as I'm concerned.
This phone isn't out yet, but I am filled with lust for it. (Which is precisely how I ended up with the world's most useless POS RAZR- meaning that I should know better.) I am seriously looking at the LG Shine (I've had great luck with LG) and the W580i by Sony (which solves the barely working iPod problem nicely) (Yes, two parenthetical sidenotes in a row. Isn't that against the rules? Probably, but that is just how I roll: I also trust Sony to make a durable product as my old Sony TV is old enough to have faux-wood paneling and still works great. Ok, great-ish.).

2. Things that do not mix: Spring Forward and mild hangovers.

3. Due to a series of other people's screw ups I had to be in the office at 6:30 am. You know who is in the office at 6:30 am? Pretty much just me and my burning resentment. Resentment further inflamed by my noting on my un-spring forwarded clock that I was up at 4:30 am.

4. It is funny to me how common place pedicures are. On Saturday I paid a woman $25 to scrub dead skin off of my feet and calves and paint and shape my toenails. A woman who (I'm guessing from her age) probably fled Vietnam in a row boat as a very young woman, with hopes of a better future. A better future scrubbing my toes?

5. I've always prided myself on my lack of complexity. There are no additional layers. I read comics, watch discovery channel, and think poop jokes are funny. I don't catch signals, expressions, or really any non-verbal form of communication more complex than a middle finger.
I know that sounds crazy, as I'm not a complete flaming idiot, but I have spent the majority of my adult life trying to honestly portray who I am with no smoke and mirrors; so I can't tell what other people are doing if they don't just say what they mean or what they're thinking/feeling.
Lately I've been dealing with tricky interpersonal interactions (both in the office and in my personal life) and I'm beginning to think that perhaps having spent more time worrying about appearances would have trained me to be better at people stuff.
Make sense of that- if you can.
Quiana: now 100% more awkward and confusing.

6. Two Quiana-Bucks to the person who can take a guess at the song that I gleefully reference in the Title without Googling it and why.


PalinDrome said...

I would go for the Sony phone. My previous two phones were both Sony Ericksons and I liked them a lot. The only reason I got rid of them was my own need for "better" gadgets. Instead of the Mall Kiosk you should go to a "real" store like the one by the old Gateway location in Lynnwood. That is where I have bought my last three phones and they have treated me pretty well.

qtilla said...

There is a real store at Northgate, which I will go to as I hate the kiosks.
My guess is that I will go more than once tho....

technogreek said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on the phone thing, but I have heard mixed things on AT&T including their price of service is a bit high, I've been a T-Mobile person for a while and they've always treated me well.

All that aside, I agree with Paul in the fact that Sony ranks pretty high on the "making good phones" scale.

Good luck!

qtilla said...

I just want their delicious roll-over minutes. YUM.

Drew said...

Be fair, I gave Iphone love on the blog.

Firstly: Listen, I know the I-pods suck. I hate them too, but the touch and the Iphone are both slicker than Bill Clinton in a vasoline factory.

Secondly: If you don't like being tag-teamed, you should take a look into one of the smaller companies or T-Mobile. They treated me well, and the only reason I went to AT&T was because my company was picking up my phone bill.

AT&T's customer service is horrendous. My experience with Apple's hasn't been so bad. When my earphones got busted (because I stepped on them), the guys at the Apple store fixed me up in no time when they could have easily raped me of 40 bucks.

Now, I'm going to lavash some love on the I-phone for a minute...

The interface is beautiful. Some don't like the keyboard, but I love it much more than a stylus. I blog from my phone, I send pictures of monster moths from my phone, I easily find restraunts and prove to people that I'm right by quickly finding answers on the phone. I use it as a portable photo alblum, to show off my friends to other friends, as well as of videos I bookmark from cute overload.

When I was heading down to McAllen at christmas, I used it to locate a hotel with a vacancy (a hard feat) close to midnight, and get all my informational crap done before I got there, so that all I had to do was pull in, get my keys, and go to my room.

I've had a smart phone before, and I realize that it could do all these things, but it was such a pain in the ass to do, that I never did it. It will cook bacon. It will kick Chuck Norris in the nuts. If Jesus had a few hundred extra bucks to spare for a gadget instead of giving it to the poor, he would have an I-phone.
It has changed my life, and I'm now a bigger ass-hole for it in ways that I can't even begin to explain. (It's kinda like trying to explain final fantasy VII to a lemon - AAN)

My biggest gripe... The initial lay out. I could've spent that money on things like, I dunno... christmas presents for my girlfriend and family or less important thigns like, you know... food.

Palindrome up there has some sound advice with the Erikson. I had one, and it served me well. Pretty good voice quailty, light weight weight, and durable. The other phone that served me well was a motorola V-180, but I somehow managed to crack the LCD on it... So maybe not.

Ferretnick said...

Not that it helps, but I really like my LG ENv.
It's a phone, mp3 player, takes 2mega-pixel pics, short videos and can hold up to a 4Gb memory card.

.... but it's through Verizon so I guess that won't really work for you.
We get really crappy coverage out where we live, and Verizon seems to be the only one so far that gets any signal for us (albeit occasionaly)

PalinDrome said...

Rollover minutes and free calls to me...

OK not just me but to Drew and your other iPhoners (iPhone-se?) as well.

Drew said...

Not to mention...

If you jailbreak your Iphone, there's this app that lets you take pictures of people and outfit them with pirate hats, a mustache, and a bird!

It totally fucking rules. It's visual proof that the Iphone can make the people around you much, much cooler.

Anonymous said...

GM FREEDOM '90 !!!

"I just hope you understand... sometimes the clothes do not make the man..."

now... where shall i spend the bucks?

qtilla said...

Good job!

Anyone up to seeing George Michael's next tour- there is a Seattle date!

Anonymous said...

George kinda lost me after the whole "fastlove" thing...

I think we all knew he had a taste for the testosterone, (re: any Wham video) but he practically took the RuPaul route with that one (musically)... and it just seemed like he was trying too hard

"Listen Without Prejudice" was an awesomely underrated album.

He doesn't have the pull he once had... it is time for him to the "Wonka" album... every song.. done by George...
"Candyman" as a ballad... "Pure Imagination" as a deterrent to incidents of rest area relief....

The possibilities are endless.

qtilla said...

Is this an actual discussion of George Michael's body of work, right here in my comments section?

Yay internets!

Anonymous said...

yeah... apparently when you mix workplace boredom and Mississippi... then end results are George michael discussion-ish... but... I came across your blog after receiving the BOA "Clean Sweep" mailer... I read the disclaimer and found the whole "at our discretion" thing amusing, so I googled to see how many others took delight at the little Gordon Gecko-ness displayed by BOA... and... you did. I like your blog.. was hoping I could sue you, but then I read that it's not even an option. Then I noticed that no one had claimed the 2 bucks promised for guessing the right song. I remember the video had a certain mole-having model in it. She made calendar dreams come true. I'll give you back your two bucks if you can name three of the models in the video without googling... This is much better than suing.... Yay!

qtilla said...

It is interesting that you are one of my 'clean sweep' searchers, I had wondered if anyone actually stuck around after those searches.

("Clean sweep" is tied with "hollywood erotic boutique seattle" as my most popular search! Though I'm guessing that the HEB searchers are #1 in their disappointment at landing here.)

And, you're going to get to keep those Quiana-Bucks.

I can't remember much at all from that video. Stupid not having cable.

I shall notify my mother that she is the direct cause of the loss of TWO Quiana-Bucks.

I bet Steve knows though:
1. He is a musical idiot savant.
2. He totally is into the ladies (or so he claims).

Steve, weigh in on this important issue.