Friday, March 14, 2008

All the cool kids hate The Five

Butternut Squash.


Noelle said...

I was reading your 101 things in 1001 days and thought I'd point you in the direction of some tasty ramen: Samurai Noodle

There is also Boom Noodle on Pike St in Capitol Hill, but I think Samurai Noodle has better ramen.

Also? There is only one place I've been to that has a good cheesesteak in this town and it's STILL not as good as back east. Sigh. But here is it, anyway:
Shultzy's Sausage. It's in the U-District towards the bottom of University Way.

Happy eating!

qtilla said...

I just tried Samurai Noodle and it was fantastic. I think I will try Boom Noodles before I crown Samurai as the winner.

Thanks for the tip about Shultzy's! I'd never thought to try it.