Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nerds of Steel

Check out this interesting article about buff nerds (or 'ripsters') in The New York Observer via The Park Bench.

It is about how there are men working hard to retain their nerdy aesthetic while building sexy bodies... to hide under argyle sweaters and girl pants.

I'm just going to assume that under Dean Kamen's ubiquitous blue button-down shirt is a body made to please a much younger woman.


Drew said...

Wow. I don't even know where to start about this article.

I think the guys in this article really come off as posers. "Geek' happens to be what gets people laid lately.

I mean, come on... They're all concerned that people will see them working out, so they try to hide it? There's a tremendous amount of douchebaggery there.

Maybe I'm getting a little punk-rocker mixed in with my geekishness, but to me, part of the point of being a nerd has always been not giving two shits that people make fun of your MTG deck.

Ok, maybe I always knew that it was uncool, but I must conceed that some of my friends had no clue. I got into RPGs, Computers, and all that stuff cause I thought it was intresting and fun. I knew it'd get me labeled 'Nerd,' but didn't care. I did have some friends that couldn't comprehend why someone would ever think of ostrasizing them from their social group for doing these things. A lack of social skills has always been somewhat inherint in the company I keep.

Also... Do they really think any of their friends are going to be near enough a gym to spot them?

It's all good though, I suppose, because in the long run the robots will kill off anyone without any programming or engineering skills off first. Good thing I've kept up on my COBAL.

qtilla said...

I can kind of see wanting to hide that you work out.

In the same way that I collect comics, but don't wear it on a t-shirt. Or how when I'm at the comic store and have to leave to go do something with my non-nerd friends I feel awkward saying what it is that I'm going to do...