Thursday, September 20, 2007

I think Texas is mess'n with me.

Immediately after I expressed the thought that it might be nice to go visit folks in Texas the whole 200 yard spider web of Quiana's doom appeared and now bats are over taking entire dormitories. Would it be too self-involved to wonder if perhaps all those bats actually flew in to Texas from other places specificly to wait for me and went into the dorm because they needed a place to check Facebook until I got there?

According to the article regarding the dorm infestation:

Videos posted on the Internet show students swinging a broom and a tennis racket as several bats fly about in a dormitory hallway at Texas Southern University.

I guess none of these students read my blog, otherwise they would know that a broom is an effective weapon against bats- even allegedly dead ones.

Quote which makes me concerned:

Health officials asked students who had been in Lanier Hall East to meet with them this week to determine whether any would need rabies vaccinations.

Too bad you need a rabies shot within 72 hours of infection or else you die. Yea guys, take care of that rabies thing at your leisure; this will work out *great.*


Drew said...

Heh, the bats have always been here. We've got one of the largest bat colonies in the northern united states underneath the congress bridge here in Austin. In fact, our hocky team is the "Ice Bats". During August/September, at dusk they come out in a huge cloud and fly across the city ala 'Batman', and then return at dawn. It's pretty freaking cool... At night, at the movie theater, you look up and see bats just circling the parking lot lights, gorging on bugs and insects. And I'm glad to have em! Keeps the bug population down.

qtilla said...

There is a time and a place for bats. Never is there a place for bats that has a bed and internet access.

Drew said...

Did Batman's batcave have a bed? I'm almost certain it had internet access. Surely he kept a cott around so he'd have somewhere comfortable to lay after he got done buggering robin.

qtilla said...

Ok, fine. Batman is the exception to every rule.

Drew said...

Speaking of him being an exception to the rule...

I'm still pissed off about the whole knightfall story line. Breaking his back was ok, but I'm definatly not OK with magical back-healing.

I'll never forgive DC for that crap.