Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NASA explores for answers that power our future.

Blech! What an awful slogan! It is a very awkward thing to try to say.

Wired Science is holding a contest for awesome new NASA slogans. You should enter. I would, but I can't come up with anything super-von-awesome.

I would like something positive, but all I've got is 'Reaching for the stars from the backs of the poor.'


cymberleah said...

I like Stars and Bars, with the logo of the sun cresting over the rim of a martini glass.

qtilla said...

You paint a delicious picture.

Last night as I lounged about knitting I thought that maybe there is some kind of awesome diaper joke hidden somewhere which would make an awesome slogan.

Drew said...


NASA: Making the universe safe for American Imperialism since 1958