Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Abe Resigned

The Prime Minister of Japan resigned. Click here to read about it in NY Times. This is a big surprise as Abe has previously vowed not to resign and actually just shuffled his cabinet.
There were a lot of problems during his term in office; a major issue of contention was regarding the use of Japan's Defense Forces to aid the US in 'anti-terrorist' efforts.

So now when people say that they don't vote or don't follow politics, you can remind them that US policy effects everything on the world stage.

Then remind them that it's only been that way since the 40's, so they'd better check themselves.

In other news out of Japan:
Crocs shoes linked to 40 escalator accidents
The most reviled shoes are now dangerous as well.
Count your toes carefully after you get off the escalator, wearers of ugly shoes.

Another note on Crocs: MEN! Stop wearing Crocs. You look like a total ass-clown. There is no way I would touch the penis of a man wearing plastic shoes that weren't purchased at Longs drugs for $3 for beach use.


Drew said...

My girlfriend shares your hatred of crocs. I nearly lost sex privledges for just *joking* about buying them.

qtilla said...

Crocs are not a laughing matter. Well.. I mean uhm. Yea, no joking about Crocs.

Tripping Daisy said...

This has absolutely nothing to do w/today's post...however I know you love of bacon. Check this link out

qtilla said...

I normally don't like to pick favorites, so don't tell anyone, but you just shot to the top of the list!