Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thought of the Day: Fast Cars and Fast Women

1. And by fast cars I mean lumbering SUVs. Yesterday when I was traveling home from the office a black Escalade merged into the lane to my right. And then immediately cut me off, as though I didn't predict that the Escalade driver would do that.
What is it about certain types of cars that are a window into the souls of their owners?
I'm pretty sure that my vehicle ('96 Merc. Sable) says 'I have two kids and think that King of Queens is hi-larious' which may or may not be detrimental to my theory.

2. And by fast women I mean uhm... fast women. Slate brought up lyrics to a Dar Williams song, with which I am familiar, but hadn't meditated on before (because while I went to Bryn Mawr, I am not a "Mawrter"). The lyrics go thusly:
"Now I'm in this clothing store
and the sign says 'less is more'
more that's tight means more to see
more for them, not more for me."
And I think that the end lyric, for me, is most important. It isn't that I lose something if I whip out my tits on Girls Gone Wild. (Although in terms of external judgments I undoubtedly would.) It is that I don't gain anything.
And the brand of selflessness that leads to random people masturbating is not the particular brand of selflessness to which I feel any allegiance.
Now if it involves being saucy towards someone towards whom I have intentions, that is a different story, morning glory. (RAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRRRR)

3. Special Bonus Thought which will probably get me in trouble.
Last night I received an email from a friend notifying me that she was done with our fight and wanted to bury the proverbial hatchet.
To which I responded, "Sounds good. It is very kind of you to make the first advance."
But to which I wanted to respond, "What fight? Are we not talking or something?"
This is yet another event in a series of incidents in which someone thinks that we are super-buds and I think that we are acquaintances. Also this marks yet another time in which I have failed to notice someone's attempt to punish me.
Additionally, I hope this doesn't require an apology, because that is *not*going to happen.
If I recall correctly (and as I can surmise from the puzzling email contents) the 'fight' occurred when she made some ridiculous political generalization and I responded with a comment along the lines of "that is a sweeping generalization," followed by a "how did you arrive at that conclusion?" And may have chased that with something like (and I promise that this was more tactfully said, though I cannot remember verbatim), "this kind of knee-jerk reaction could be better dealt with through further consideration and research of sources outside of blatantly liberal biased, or non-existent (or found on the comedy channel*) sources."
Since when did being friends mean that you can't have intelligent discourse on the topics of the day? I don't watch American Idol so I'm up shit-creek for boring small talk. I would prefer to discuss important things, but not if the end result is that I am declared stupid or stubborn.
Is it crazy to ask someone to defend their beliefs? Furthermore, if you believe something, shouldn't you be able to say why?

*Not actually said, but was very much desired.


cymberleah said...

Oh, fine, and now I agree with you again. =P

1. As far as the Escalade goes, the mentality that pays $40,000 (?) on getting from point A to point B is generally the same mentality that will kill you to be 40 feet farther up the freeway. Why? Status. If all you are concerned with is ending up "on top" or at least looking like it, you're also going to be the sort who needs to get "there first," wherever there may be, or even if it's *worth* getting to the grocery store three minutes sooner. She's in front of you; she wins. She's in a cooler car than you, she wins.

I am glad I am not that shallow.

2. Despite what you may think from my post earlier this week, I agree with you 100% on this. Dressing to make other people happy at the expense of your self-worth is kinda stupid. It's a payment with no return, basically. All it does is singify that you think that you're worth is... free.

3. I just want to point out to the other people who read your blog, that This Person Was Not Me.

I'm fairly certain that my lack of invite to Mariners night makes me just an aquaintance, tho. ;)

qtilla said...

1. I am super shallow. I'm just poor. :o)

2. And I was convinced that you were a total slut. The men of the internet are disappointed now.

3. People of the Internets: Kim is awesome. And not just because she has opinions. It is intrinsic awesomeness.

Also, Kim, everything is Paul's fault. Seriously. That Paul is a total excluder.

cymberleah said...

Eh, as long as you don't leave me out of the journey to the chocolate factory, I promise to not cry myself to sleep at not being able to play with the cool kids.

PalinDrome said...

I do believe that my incredible ancientness makes it impossible for any gathering that I am a part of to be "the cool kids"