Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Actual Conversation

Coworker: I really don't want to join this conference call.

Me: I just sat in on the most horrible meeting ever if that makes you feel better.

Coworker: Not really. But what was the meeting?

Me: A software training session. But it was like the world's dumbest puppy trying to teach Socrates to the runners up to the world's dumbest puppy.

Coworker: Puppies can be trained- even stupid ones.

Me: True. How about brain damaged puppies? I would have been more impressed if one of them would have waddled over to the laptop and pissed on it.

Coworker: And then the others would have rushed over to smell it.

Me: That would have been so awesome. (Phone rings.) Enjoy that conference call.

Coworker mouthing silently: Blow me.

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