Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Fruits of My Labor Day

Friday I had dinner at the new grinders place on 99 in Shoreline, Grinders Hot Sands with Jim. Highly recommended, both hanging out with Jim and the restaurant.
Following that I had back to back cocktails with Jim then Monica.

Saturday I drove up to Deception Pass to sissy camp with the family and family friends in the 'oh my god there are like a million children' camping extravaganza.
Good times were had.

Here you will see the men folk launching the crabby boat into the bay....

Only to be attacked by a vicious sea monster!

And there they are again at a distance...

from the nifty geological survey point...

Gram-Cracker and I found on our super-exciting hike!

Here is a view of our camp area from the adjacent mountain:

And a view of the bay:

Here is a picture of my Granny wishing for a giant salmon like the lady (or dude, looks like a lady) behind her.

It was also pretty nifty that we turned back at the perfect moment to watch the fog roll in.

Sunday evening I came back to Seattle because I had a BBQ and games-that-Quiana-will-never-win party. At which I ate a steak the size of my head, made fun of Shaolin monks, and didn't win at any games. All in all a totally awesome holiday weekend.


PalinDrome said...

If you ever expect to win you need to learn how to George better. But probably only on nights when George is not there since it is difficult to out-George George when he is on his game.

PS to the uniformed George cheats with such flair that we have declared his name a verb. Take that Merriam-Webster!! We too can make up words.

qtilla said...

I think maybe I need something lucky. Like a rabbits foot.
Maybe a whole rabbit would be necessary though. Rabbits are delicious.