Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why I don't want to be your friend?

Hint: you're an asshole.

You guys seemed pretty cool when I met you at a friend's party, but Friends of Friend, you guys are total dicks. I didn't notice until you said the following, "Did you know that such & such is an assistant?"
"Oh my God, I totally thought that she was a real person."

Hint #2: assistants, like receptionists, valets, and waitresses are "real people." Unlike you. You are a bitch.

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Drew said...

No no. You're mistaken... You see, I worked as a valet once, and I know for a fact that we're not real people. We're just cold, souless husks who enjoy abusing and defiling other people's vehicles.

And failing that, we're just asshats in general.