Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Things I learned at the ball game.

Last night Paul, the Demonakos brothers, Jason and I went to see the Mariners face of against the A's.

Important stuff that I learned and things:

1. Ichiro's favorite channel is BET. Because that is just how he rolls.

2. If a spider lands on your drunken haggard hooker looking friend's unappealing mug, do not, I repeat, DO NOT scratch your *own* face. This will hurt.

Actual transcript:
"Oh my God, you guys! Incoherent ramble... and then a spider landed on her cheek and she was like "Bleh!" and I was like "Ack!" and then I scratched my own cheek! And I hurt myself."
"Yea, it landed on my face and she was like "'Ew there is a spider on your face.' And then she hit herself in the face. And I was like 'is it gone?'"

3. Regarding the above, don't sit behind haggard bitches in tank tops. Unless you are very interested in hearing a 55 year old woman hit on the 19 year old beer vendor. Direct quote, "Will you service me?" (RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWR)
Answer, "Haha, no."


cymberleah said...

Mmmm, women who need to get laid. Somehow, it's more pathetic to see horny and unloved women then their male counterparts.

Also, the Mrs. Robinson thing? *shudder* It's yucky if it's a 50 year old guy hitting on a teen girl. Ladies, it's equally yucky if the sexes are reversed. Go out after the game, wait for some guys to get really drunk, then bag them. Don't hit on anyone young enough to be your child.

PalinDrome said...

You forgot to mention the majesty of the Funk Blast