Friday, May 18, 2007

Thoughts which pop into my stupid brain.

List of Nude Appropriate places:
Bath House
Massage Parlor
Oval Office

The Escape is a cross-dressing Taurus.
Last night I heard an add for the Ford Escape, billed as: mileage of a sedan, fun of an SUV. What they actually mean is giant plastic SUV shell on a granny sedan chassis.

David Bowie's Manga Package
An embarrassing fact about me is that I read Tough Pigs, a muppet fan site. A more embarrassing fact is that I read yesterday that there is a Labyrinth sequel manga in existence and all I could think about is David Bowie's Manga Package. Now remember David Bowie's package in the film, then imagine it manga-ized. From now on all of my package related speculation/conversation will be comparisons to David Bowie's Manga Package.

I tried for a long time (ok, two minutes, till I got bored) to find a picture of David Bowie's Manga Package. Alas nothing. Then I looked for a picture of David Bowie's Package from the original Labyrinth and couldn't find anything good.

So here is the best picture of David Bowie's Original Labyrinth Package.


Tripping Daisy said...

I have no words for maga-ized Labrynth. Tears, yes. Words, no.

qtilla said...

That movie taught me so much about responsibility, loyalty, growing up, and male reproductive organs. Ah I'm getting all misty again.