Monday, May 14, 2007

Spiders are total perverts.

Spiders just hang out in the shower. Are there more flies in the shower than the kitchen? Unlikely.
I think that the obvious conclusion is that spiders like to watch you bathe.
There you are all naked and wet, blinded by shampoo, and out of the corner of your eye you’ll catch that creepy crawly movement. So you search about you, but all you have is a million puffy sponges and a shampoo bottle. So you beat the spider to death with your shampoo. And then you're stuck. You can’t set the bottle back down without getting spider guts all over and there’s absolutely no way you’re washing it off in the shower and getting spider juice all over in the water swirling around your toes.


DawnOfTheRead said...

What sort of shower do you have that there is no room to wash spider guts away from your toes?

You must be more phobic than me. Although really, I don't care about spiders at all. I don't care if they watch me. I just care that they eat other bugs. That is nice of them.

My phobia? Stepping on worms. Or slugs.

qtilla said...

YUCK! I can't handle them looking at me with their creepy spider eyes, whilst clicking their mandibles, and rubbing their superfluous legs together.